Behance is a platform where we can showcase our works, the main attractive part about this website is that we can see a lot of skilled people around the globe and we can interact with moreover we can search people accordingly, even there are lots of options for searching the project and person lots on, or we can specifically search for a particular project by clicking the color option down the search bar.

Apart from the portfolio, we can get access to live streaming, where designers or various fields of software such as illustrator, photography, InDesign, adobe xd, etc will have video sessions so that this particular session will help a lot to develop our skills and get a piece of deep knowledge in our desired field, and also there is a very useful option where the users can search for jobs around the globe and get an experience in their field.

The job session has some more cool features ie, there is an option called adobe talent seats where the individual can get access to the jobs around the world to get better opportunities, apart from all of there, while doing the work we can go for live streaming our work so that the people will get to know about the progress of our work or simply we can just post about our work and that will expire in 24 hours.

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