The freepick website ( is a graphic design Website where we can download lots of content for our graphic work in .psd, .xd, jpeg, etc, the main attraction for this website is that there are lots of premium Content available from this particular website, besides this, we can take the non-premium one which is absolutely free and can download up to 10 pictures per day, plus the main attraction of this websites is that we can sell our work through this website by going to an option on the top right corner of the website called to sell your content.

The other best feature about this website is that when we select an image or a source which has to been downloaded we will be getting a lot of options for our download moreover the website is visually appealing to the user and the website itself will give some suggestions which are trending or most popular nowadays so this is a great advantage for the user in the sense of user experience.

When coming to the design and appearance, the website is designed in such a way that will give a positive feeling towards the user, the home page itself will be changing every few minutes, which will bring a lively feel to the landing page of the website.

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