Pinterest ( is a platform where we can get a lot of ideas for our lifestyle, home decor, etc plus if someone has no idea what to do, but need to get some idea this is the best platform to get some ideas, and also people can share their ideas or promote their brands through the platform, moreover, this platform is not like other social media where someone will see others post, rather than the user will see according to through their interest and ideas as well as we can also shop through the Pinterest by clicking and saving for the future purchase.

This platform has not only for ideas but we can get some sort of video tutorials for the users to get some creative knowledge, moreover, we can develop our business ideas through Pinterest via a business account which is totally free for all people, through business account we can get hands to analytics that is audience insight where we can see the last 30 days result which will show in separate categories such as age, gender, location, etc, apart from this we can just simply compare the total audience between the different category, furthermore, we can get the complete overview of our posts or business till the last post or we can get a specific overview up to a time period.

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