The Charcoal Oral B toothbrush is an excellent product in the basis of design, so design in the sense like, we can see that the brush is designed in a most comfortable way to handle along with the flexible head so that we can brush on every corner of our teeth, plus we can apply pressure on the middle of the brush by placing our thumb on the center part of the brush, to support our thumb there is a spherical shaped design on both side of the brush to add grip to our thumbs when we apply pressure.

When we talk about the head part of the brush, there comes the main piece of the brush called power tip bristles (charcoal bristles) with the unique shape of the bristles placed on the top part of the brush, the shape of the bristles is much useful to get into the gapes of the teeth and will help to get a gentle massage around the gums and will clear the cavities around the teeth, in addition to this opposite side of the bristles there is a slight projected pattern which is used to clear our tongue in a most effective manner.

The already stated about the charcoal, so the whole design of the brush is in black in color furthermore to make it more attractive the blue color comes in role to make it visually appealing to the users, besides this, there is a protective cap for the bristles to prevent the bacteria from the open air.

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