This screw is basically a small screw a medium-long in size and is made up of metal which has a flat cylindrical surface on the top and is very sharp at the bottom and also has a thin thread-like circling all the way from top to the bottom.

So at the top of the surface, it’s like a cylindrical shape when compared to the bottom, in addition to this they will have a plus symbol so that we can put the screwdriver inside the tiny hole on top of the screw and can turn clockwise and anticlockwise for tightening the object which doesn’t have holes in it.

While moving towards the bottom of the screw, we can see that the bottom part of the screw is thinner in shape and has a sharp edge, in addition to this we can see a thin thread circling towards the bottom, so if we drill a hole to the surface where the screw needs to be screwed and then with the help of the sharp edges it will easily penetrate towards the surface along with this, with the thin thread circling on the body of the screw will fit inside the hole and won’t fall back easily.

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