An user experience is an interaction that someone can have with a product, the users can be anyone in this whole world even technology challenged person, this might be challenging for some users so this is the point the user experience comes to play and plays a major role, we can say that user experience can be the backbone for the design because without research part the design won’t be much effective for the users that mean that the users, my motivation for the project is like I love puppy and I was observing others how they treat dogs and observing someone raising a puppy but not in a correct manner, so I wanted to create a website where users can get access to information how they can raise a puppy, so this is the basic idea for my major project, and I am still in the process to develop a name for my website.

Research Objective 

These are the three types of research objective, close-ended objective, semi-opened objective, opened and explorative objective, Close-ended objective means the content will be straight and narrow to the topic, which means the research will be concentrated towards few subjects rather than focusing on a wider audience when concentrating towards my project idea, the idea is mainly focusing on raising the puppy from the birth to an adult dog, rather than focusing on the wider aspect, so my website will fall under close-ended objective.

User need

The user need or user experience means that we need to understand the user wants and there are lots of steps to consider, which means that in my case before doing a website we need to consider what are the requirements that the user or the target audience needs, which play a major role for designing or collecting the information my website, so this would my primary step to design my website.

Quantitative data

The information has statics data, which means for my project idea I am planning to do a short survey or a questioner to collect data from my audience which are under 15 – 25 age group to get a piece of information to develop my website, and there are other ways such as document review, but for my project, I am planning to do a short online survey to collect data which will be more effective and can cover my target audience. (Google short survey)

Qualitative data 

Conducting a user interview will be more useful for my project, because so that I can get real-world information through open end communication regarding the user’s mindset and their behavior moreover I can clearly understand what user thoughts and feelings, so will influence my design and content aspect for my website, however not getting diverted from the topic I can also get relevant information for designing my content for my website.

At the same time, I am also planning to do a group session talk, if not possible offline I am planning to do the session remotely, so that after doing this I can gather some valuable information regarding my project idea, getting relevant information is a very important aspect for building a base for my website.


1. User persona

The user persona is a great helpful way to understand in depth the user need and experiences and also to get behavioral data of target users, so in my case, this will help me a lot to get in-depth knowledge about what users will need from my website

So primarily I am planning to do a person to person interview and also do an online short survey to get the information and based upon the information ill create a user persona.

Assumption and hypothesis 

I am assuming that my users might be confused about where to get information regarding raising a puppy, because the professionals don’t always give information for the user, and they might be blank and doesn’t know how to raise a puppy, so the users might be searching on google or maybe youTube to get the relevant information, if my assumption is right my target users will find my website more useful because in my website the users can get relevant information about how to grow a puppy and also planning to add relevant professional contacts so that might be useful for some users to reduce their time for searching and getting hard time to find the information, if this idea is good the users will be using the website most often because raising a puppy is not an easy process that needs a lot of time and efforts to raise a puppy, so this would be a very effective way to reduce the gap between the human and the puppy because love is also the main factor for raising a puppy.

Methods of research

Usability testing – usability testing will help to understand whether the user can access the web easily, easily in the sense of navigation. Throughout the website to get towards their results that is the main role for the usability testing, so basically, the main purpose or the importance is that we can clearly understand what are the difficulties the users are making while going through the website and can understand the design problems faced by the user’s, I am planning to do this for my website in the way that users won’t get deviated from there the main task by connecting with the real-world experience at the same time providing relevant information for my user’s.

Concept testing –  concept testing is the process of figuring out what are the user’s problems for the users while using a website and then resolving those problems in order to make the website more user friendly by understanding the user’s needs and user-centered design, so this is mainly like focusing on the problems to be solved and most likely will be focusing on the solution for the problems and make the website more user friendly, however, there might be one or more problems for a website, by identifying them and figuring out which will be a major issue for the website’s and finding out all the benefits that the website offers.

Participatory design research – which means that we will be finding what are the user problems and will try to resolve the issue that the user will be facing and for that we will need the users to be involved in the research process to gather information from the user in order to collect pain points, mental moods, use cases, triggers and motivations this can be done via two methods also like none to one sessions and also group sessions, however, the most effective and suitable way is one to one sessions, so in my project, I am planning to do one to one interaction so that I can get valuable information which will suit for my website concept so that the interaction will be manly and powerful. 

Guerrilla Research – This research is like identifying the target audience in a particular area and meeting them in person and asking for their consent first and then interacting with them for collecting the information from their site via a small interview sort of session’s, and also attention-seeking is also a key factor in this research, because before getting involved with the target user’s we need to know whether the user’s are willing to spend some time for the interview and offering some voucher or any give away for the user’s who participated in the interview, however giving away the cash has some legal issue, so vouchers or give away will be a suitable way to show the gratitude.

 At the same time without following the procedures this process won’t be successful even though this is the very cheapest mode of research, however, my target audience is youngster’s from India who is puppy owner, so in this scenario, this research is not physically possible as my target audience is in INDIA, so in this case, I am planning to do this interview via my friends without losing the value of the questions and interaction.

Rapid Iterative Test & Evaluation (RITE) –  This is essentially a usability testing method where you evaluate a solution to a usability problem in an iterative and rapid manner. This is a quick and efficient method of identifying usability problems as well as testing solutions that address them.

Contextual research – Contextual research is like directly interacting with the target audience in their real life and identifying their problems from the surroundings and collecting information and trying to solve those issues, in my scenario, there are some limitations to carrying out this process because my target audience are based in India so this is unlikely to occur at this point, still, I can seek help from my friends who are based in India and into kennel farming to help me out in this process to collect information, at the same time I am also planning to collect information from the people which may or may not fall under my target audience who are based in the UK, so that will give me some more valuable information and data to support my content and designs.

Sampling – While trying to understand who are the exact target audience, it is likely that the target audience is not restricted to the group we consider to be the target audience. Therefore, my primary idea is to deeply research my competitor websites in order to collect their user’s information and speak with the existing users who are into puppies and are already raising them.

Analysis and synthesis – The information gathered is summarised throughout the data analysis phase. It involves applying analytical and logical reasoning to data to find patterns, correlations, and trends. Analysis plus synthesis is a powerful tool for getting to the heart of real-world customer needs and motivating design teams to create truly useful products and services by employing analytical and logical reasoning to discover patterns, correlations, or other information

Idea and sketching –  Ideation and sketching is like a very basic step where we convert our thoughts into paper and start to develop, and I am planning to do this for my website through some processes like brainstorming, thought diversity, quick idea generation, storyboards, journey mapping, mind mapping, there are the some most effective way to do the ideation and sketching 

Brainstorming – I am planning to do this method for my website and basically, this will fall under qualitative research, and this method is an effective one because when we do this for a research process like combing with some friends or unknown people and talking about the project we will be getting some creative ideas or concept for our website so I personally thought this will be an effective way to collect information.

Prototyping – so basically prototype means that will be the mokeup of our final website, so this will help to understand or we can roughly see how our website will look like and identifying any mistakes, and by using low fidelity and high fidelity, so low fidelity is like a paper-based version where there won’t be any interaction and this is very easy to create and won’t be as perfect when compared to high fidelity, however high fidelity means that our design will be converted from paper-based to computer-based design by using the help for the low fidelity wireframe and this can be responsive but not as final output.

Testing – The most final procedure is to create the final design or final out for our design, as well as to test our final design on some users and collect feedback and reviews from them. This is a critical step because it allows us to determine whether the final design is appropriate for the users, and in the worst-case scenario, we may need to return to the beginning of the user experience design process.

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